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Submitted Tests for Possible Inclusion in the ACATS

Tests indexed on this page have been submitted by Ada implementers and users for possible inclusion in future versions of the Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS). Many of these tests test features of Amendment 1 to the Ada 95 Standard. These tests are provided as a service to the Ada community.
Test names and objectives are as described by the original author. The tests can be downloaded in ZIP files, accessed individually through the Version Control System, or accessed individually from the indexes of objectives. The objectives are organized by the language version and test name, by the subclause numbers (as given in Ada 2012), and by AI numbers (for tests inspired by changes to Ada 95).
Use these tests at your own risk! The ACAA has not checked any of these tests. No matter what the tests say internally (many use the standard ACATS boilerplate text), these tests are not part of the ACATS test suite, and are not required for conformity assessments. If or when a test does become part of the test suite, it may be renamed or modified extensively. These tests are provided as is. Tests may be incorrect, not portable, or fail to properly test the stated objective.
The ACAA will remove tests from this database only if the test is used as the basis of an ACATS test with a substantially similar objective and design. We'll remove tests so that tests that have no appreciable value over those which are part of the ACATS are not wasting the time of the users of this set of tests. However, if tests check test cases not in the ACATS or have a structure very different than those in the ACATS, they will be left here so the Ada community can have additional tests to use for checking implementations.
Please tell us about problems with these tests. Comments and questions on any of these tests should be sent to the ACAA Technical Agent,
Interested in submitting tests for future use in the ACATS? Tests should be created following the rules of ACATS tests as described in the ACATS User Guide, Appendix E. Contact the ACAA Technical Agent ( for more information.

ZIP Files for submitted tests

ZIP files provide a convenient way to download all of the submitted tests for a section of the standard. The description of each file includes an estimate of its size and last modification date.
All submitted tests - SUB-ALL.ZIP (271K - 2017-02-08) (contains the ZIP files below)

Section 2 B-Tests - SUB-B2.ZIP ( 1K - 2005-01-17)
Section 3 B-Tests - SUB-B3.ZIP ( 60K - 2015-01-19)
Section 3 C-Tests - SUB-C3.ZIP ( 86K - 2017-02-08)
Section 4 B-Tests - SUB-B4.ZIP ( 5K - 2017-02-08)
Section 4 C-Tests - SUB-C4.ZIP ( 27K - 2017-02-08)
Section 7 B-Tests - SUB-B7.ZIP ( 11K - 2013-05-30)
Section 7 C-Tests - SUB-C7.ZIP ( 18K - 2015-05-15)
Section 8 B-Tests - SUB-B8.ZIP ( 12K - 2015-05-15)
Section 8 C-Tests - SUB-C8.ZIP ( 7K - 2014-08-31)
Section 9 C-Tests - SUB-C9.ZIP ( 5K - 2014-08-31)
Section 10 B-Tests - SUB-BA.ZIP ( 7K - 2015-05-15)
Section 10 C-Tests - SUB-CA.ZIP ( 14K - 2007-05-04)
Section 12 B-Tests - SUB-BC.ZIP ( 5K - 2014-12-30)
Section 12 C-Tests - SUB-CC.ZIP ( 6K - 2014-08-31)
Section 13 B-Tests - SUB-BD.ZIP ( 3K - 2014-08-31)
Section 13 C-Tests - SUB-CD.ZIP ( 1K - 2014-08-31)
Annex A B-Tests - SUB-BXA.ZIP ( 2K - 2005-12-29)
Annex A C-Tests - SUB-CXA.ZIP ( 4K - 2015-05-15)
Annex B B-Tests - SUB-BXB.ZIP ( 2K - 2015-05-15)
Annex B C-Tests - SUB-CXB.ZIP ( 1K - 2017-02-08)
Annex C B-Tests - SUB-BXC.ZIP ( 3K - 2014-08-31)
Annex D L-Tests - SUB-LXD.ZIP ( 3K - 2005-12-29)
Annex G C-Tests - SUB-CXG.ZIP ( 2K - 2005-12-27)
Annex H L-Tests - SUB-LXH.ZIP ( 2K - 2005-12-29)

Submitted Tests Version Control System

The submitted tests are stored in a version control system which is available on this web site. You can retrieve any version of an individual test file.
Once in the VCS, you can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories (which have slashes after them, e.g. src/). If you pick a file, you will see the revision history for that file. Selecting a revision number or name will download that revision of the file. There is a link at each revision to display differences between that revision and the previous one, and a form at the bottom of the page that allows you to display differences between arbitrary revisions. Items marked as being in the Attic are deleted. Deleted items are still available in case they are needed when looking at a previous version of a test.
Test Files in the VCS are stored based on the Standard section that they are testing, separated by test class. For instance, test BY40001.A can be found in the directory (folder) B4. Foundations and documentation are found with the associated tests.

Individual Submitted Test Objectives

Individual objectives are available in the indexes. The objectives are organized by the language version and test name, by the subclause numbers (as given in Ada 2012), and by AI numbers (for tests inspired by changes to Ada 95).