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Submitted Tools

Tools indexed on this page have been submitted by Ada implementers and users for use with and possible inclusion in future versions of the Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS). These tools are provided as a service to the Ada community.

Tools to use the ACATS Grading Tools with GNAT

The following tools and instructions show one possible way for the ACATS Grading Tools to be used with GNAT compilers. They also provide a sample that may be useful to other users and implementers when using the ACATS Grading tools with their favorite compiler.
Careful! Your results running these tools may vary from those of a formal Conformity Assessment. During a formal Conformity Assessment, an implementer would have an opportunity to argue why a particular result is passing, to ask for special handling (compiler options and the like) for particular tests, and even dispute the correctness of tests. The grading tools provide an answer without any of this nuance; the tools presented here are a one-size-fits-all approach to running the tests. As such, the results of a formal conformity assessment could be quite different than those provided by using the grading tools alone.
Simon Wright has developed a set of these tools and scripts for use with GNAT on Linux hosts. (Only Windows batch files are found here.) See for his version.
  • GNATInst.txt
    Instructions for using the tools found here along with the ACATS 4.1 Grading Tools to grade the ACATS when built with GNAT.
    Generates a ACATS event trace from the ACATS test results generated by running the script created by GNATScrp.
  • GNATScrp.A
    Generates a Linux script or Windows batch file for GNAT from a test summary created by the ACATS Test Summary Tool.
  • GNAT-Man.txt
    Sample manual grading file. This file was developed for GNAT 18.1 and ACATS 4.1H.
    Windows batch file to run and grade the entire ACATS. Each chapter is graded individually, and an overall grading of the entire ACATS is left in G-Grade.Txt. Uses the various tools in this section. This will take several hours to run.
    Windows batch file to run and grade tests for a single chapter of the Ada Reference Manual (these correspond to a directory in the ACATS distribution).
    Time stamper program used by the script created by GNATScrp; GNATEvnt uses the time stamps to properly stamp the event trace.