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J.15.9 Pragma CPU


The form of a pragma CPU is as follows: 
  pragma CPU (expression);

Name Resolution Rules

The expected type for the expression of a pragma CPU is System.Multiprocessors.CPU_Range. 

Legality Rules

A CPU pragma is allowed only immediately within a task_definition, or the declarative_part of a subprogram_body.
For a CPU pragma that appears in the declarative_part of a subprogram_body, the expression shall be static. 

Static Semantics

For an implementation that supports Annex D, a pragma CPU specifies the value of the CPU aspect (see D.16). If the pragma appears in a task_definition, the expression is associated with the aspect for the task type or single_task_declaration that contains the pragma; otherwise, the expression is associated with the aspect for the subprogram that contains the pragma.

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