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Overview of Ada 2022

The Overview of Ada 2022 provides an overview of new Ada 2022 features, examples of their use, compatibility with Ada 95, 2005, and 2012, and more. It was written by Jeff Cousins. This is an unofficial description of the language; refer to the Ada 2022 standard for detailed language rules.

The Overview is available on-line in HTML for on-line browsing and PDF for printing. Note that the HTML version is slightly different than the PDF, as it includes a Search function, and of course hotlinks.
This edition of the Overview, fixes a number of errors, adds some additional material, adds an index, and adds discussion of various details of Ada 2022 that were changed since the original publication of this overview Ada User Journal.
Note that this Overview is subtitled "An Ada 2022 Language Enhancement Guide". Thus, you can conveniently refer to the set of an Ada 2022 Reference Manual and the Ada 2022 Language Enhancement Guide as "An ARM and A LEG". ( :-)