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D.5.2 Dynamic Priorities for Protected Objects

{AI95-00327-01} {AI05-0299-1} This subclause specifies how the priority of a protected object can be modified or queried at run time. 

Static Semantics

{AI95-00327-01} The following attribute is defined for a prefix P that denotes a protected object:
{AI95-00327-01} Denotes a non-aliased component of the protected object P. This component is of type System.Any_Priority and its value is the priority of P. P'Priority denotes a variable if and only if P denotes a variable. A reference to this attribute shall appear only within the body of P. 
{AI95-00327-01} The initial value of this attribute is the initial value of the priority of the protected object[, and can be changed by an assignment]. 

Dynamic Semantics

{AI95-00327-01} {AI05-0264-1} If the locking policy Ceiling_Locking (see D.3) is in effect, then the ceiling priority of a protected object P is set to the value of P'Priority at the end of each protected action of P.
{AI95-00445-01} {AI05-0229-1} If the locking policy Ceiling_Locking is in effect, then for a protected object P with either an Attach_Handler or Interrupt_Handler aspect specified for one of its procedures, a check is made that the value to be assigned to P'Priority is in the range System.Interrupt_Priority. If the check fails, Program_Error is raised. 


{AI95-00327-01} The implementation shall document the following metric:
The difference in execution time of calls to the following procedures in protected object P:
protected P is
   procedure Do_Not_Set_Ceiling (Pr : System.Any_Priority);
   procedure Set_Ceiling (Pr : System.Any_Priority);
end P;
protected body P is
   procedure Do_Not_Set_Ceiling (Pr : System.Any_Priority) is
   procedure Set_Ceiling (Pr : System.Any_Priority) is
      P'Priority := Pr;
end P;
Documentation Requirement: The metrics for setting the priority of a protected object.
31  {AI95-00327-01} Since P'Priority is a normal variable, the value following an assignment to the attribute immediately reflects the new value even though its impact on the ceiling priority of P is postponed until completion of the protected action in which it is executed. 

Extensions to Ada 95

{AI95-00327-01} {AI95-00445-01} The ability to dynamically change and query the priority of a protected object is new. 

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