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A.5 The Numerics Packages

The library package Numerics is the parent of several child units that provide facilities for mathematical computation. One child, the generic package Generic_Elementary_Functions, is defined in A.5.1, together with nongeneric equivalents; two others, the package Float_Random and the generic package Discrete_Random, are defined in A.5.2. Additional (optional) children are defined in Annex G, “Numerics”.

Static Semantics

This paragraph was deleted.
package Ada.Numerics
   with Pure is
   Argument_Error : exception;
   Pi : constant :=
   π  : constant := Pi;
   e  : constant :=
end Ada.Numerics;
The Argument_Error exception is raised by a subprogram in a child unit of Numerics to signal that one or more of the actual subprogram parameters are outside the domain of the corresponding mathematical function.

Implementation Permissions

The implementation may specify the values of Pi and e to a larger number of significant digits. 

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