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Overview of Ada 2022
Jeff Cousins
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6.10 Jorvik Profile

The new Jorvik Profile (AI12-0291) is less restrictive than the Ravenscar profile (see RM D.13), but still allows timing and storage analyses. Most of the restrictions are the same, but restrictions
   Max_Protected_Entries => 1,
   No_Dependence => Ada.Calendar,
   No_Dependence => Ada.Synchronous_Barriers
are omitted and the restriction Simple_Barriers is replaced by the weaker Pure_Barriers.
Restriction Pure_Barriers (AI12-0290) defines Pure_Barriers. Such barriers do not have to be simple Boolean local variables, but can be more complex Boolean expressions, as long as they do not have side effects, exceptions, or recursion. Additionally, the 'Count attribute is allowed in entry barriers, not just protected entry bodies.
Relaxing barrier restrictions (AI12-0369) allows the barrier expression to refer to subcomponents of the protected type even when subject to either of the restrictions Simple_Barriers or Pure_Barriers.

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