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Overview of Ada 2022
Jeff Cousins
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4.1 Stable Containers to reduce tampering checks

Stable Containers to reduce tampering checks (AI12-0111) attempts to address performance concerns about Ada containers, whilst maintaining their safety. Each container is given a nested package named Stable. This has similar contents to the parent package, but provides a variant of the container type that cannot grow or shrink, and omits operations that might tamper with elements of the container. Such a container can be created by calling the Copy function, or by creating a stabilised view of a normal container. The operations of the Stable package do not perform tampering checks as they are not needed, because the operations that tamper with elements have been omitted. The tampering checks are considered to incur the main performance overhead. The of form of a loop will automatically use the stable form of a container within the loop, eliminating the need to set tampering more than once and eliminating the need for most tampering checks within the loop.

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