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H.5 Pragma Detect_Blocking

{AI95-00305-01} {AI12-0267-1} The following pragma requires forces an implementation to detect potentially blocking operations during the execution of within a protected operation or a parallel construct


{AI95-00305-01} The form of a pragma Detect_Blocking is as follows: 
  pragma Detect_Blocking;

Post-Compilation Rules

{AI95-00305-01} A pragma Detect_Blocking is a configuration pragma. 

Dynamic Semantics

{AI95-00305-01} {AI12-0247-1} {AI12-0267-1} An implementation is required to detect a potentially blocking operation that occurs during the execution of within a protected operation or a parallel construct defined within a compilation unit to which the pragma applies, and to raise Program_Error (see 9.5 9.5.1).

Implementation Permissions

{AI95-00305-01} {AI12-0267-1} An implementation is allowed to reject a compilation_unit to which a pragma Detect_Blocking applies if a potentially blocking operation is present directly within an entry_body, or the body of a protected subprogram, or a parallel construct occurring within the compilation unit
NOTE   {AI95-00305-01} {AI12-0442-1} An operation that causes a task to be blocked within a foreign language domain is not defined to be potentially blocking, and is unlikely to need not be detected.

Extensions to Ada 95

{AI95-00305-01} Pragma Detect_Blocking is new. 

Extensions to Ada 2012

{AI12-0267-1} Pragma Detect_Blocking now applies to parallel constructs as well as protected actions. 

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