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G.3 Vector and Matrix Manipulation

{AI95-00296-01} Types and operations for the manipulation of real vectors and matrices are provided in Generic_Real_Arrays, which is defined in G.3.1. Types and operations for the manipulation of complex vectors and matrices are provided in Generic_Complex_Arrays, which is defined in G.3.2. Both of these library units are generic children of the predefined package Numerics (see A.5). Nongeneric equivalents of these packages for each of the predefined floating point types are also provided as children of Numerics. 
Discussion: Vector and matrix manipulation is defined in the Numerics Annex, rather than in the core, because it is considered to be a specialized need of (some) numeric applications.
These packages provide facilities that are similar to and replace those found in ISO/IEC 13813:1998 Information technology — Programming languages — Generic packages of real and complex type declarations and basic operations for Ada (including vector and matrix types). (The other facilities provided by that Standard were already provided in Ada 95.) In addition to the main facilities of that Standard, these packages also include subprograms for the solution of linear equations, matrix inversion, determinants, and the determination of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices and Hermitian matrices. 

Extensions to Ada 95

{AI95-00296-01} {AI05-0299-1} This subclause It just provides an introduction to the following subclauses. 

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