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5   Statements

[A statement defines an action to be performed upon its execution.]
{AI95-00318-02} {AI05-0299-1} {AI12-0449-1} [This clause describes the general rules applicable to all statements. Some statements are discussed in later clauses: Procedure_call_statements and return statements are described in Clause 6, “Subprograms”. Entry_call_statements, requeue_statements, delay_statements, accept_statements, select_statements, and abort_statements are described in Clause 9, “Tasks and Synchronization”. Raise_statements are described in Clause 11, “Exceptions”, and code_statements in Clause 13, “Representation Issues”. The remaining forms of statements are presented in this clause.] 

Wording Changes from Ada 83

{AI95-00318-02} The description of return statements has been moved to 6.5, “Return Statements”, so that it is closer to the description of subprograms. 

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