Rationale Update for Ada 2012

John Barnes
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Chapter 1: Introduction

The first version of Ada (Ada 83) was developed by a team led by the late Jean Ichbiah and funded by the USDoD. The development of Ada 95 was done under the leadership of Tucker Taft and also funded by the USDoD. Then came Ada 2005 and Ada 2012 [1, 2] which were developed on a more modest scale and largely done by voluntary effort with support from within the industry itself by bodies such as the Ada Resource Association and Ada-Europe.
The Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) is a team of experts nominated by the national bodies represented on WG9 (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22/WG9, the working group for Ada) and the two liaison organizations, ACM SIGAda and Ada-Europe. In the case of Ada 2005, the ARG was originally led by Erhard Plödereder and then by Pascal Leroy. For Ada 2012, it was led by Ed Schonberg. Since the Ada 2012 standard was issued the ARG has been led by Jeff Cousins. The editor, who at the end of the day actually writes the words of the standard, continues to be the indefatigable Randy Brukardt and the convenor of WG9 is Joyce Tokar.
The changes made to Ada 2012 by the update are presented in the same areas as in the Ada 2012 Rationale [3] to ease any comparison. In each area the relevant Ada Issues (AIs) are listed and this is then followed by a brief discussion. It will be observed that many issues concern corner cases which will not be of much interest to the average user. Moreover, the changes are usually corrections to the descriptive text. But just occasionally we get the excitement of a new aspect, a new type or subprogram and even a new bit of syntax!
Note that some Ada Issues were mentioned in the Postscript section of the Ada 2012 Rationale published after the standard was approved (and in Programming in Ada 2012 [4] by the author). They are given here for completeness and are marked with *. But note that they might have changed again since the Rationale was written.
The updated version of Ada 2012 was approved by WG 9 in June 2015, by SC 22 in December 2015, and published by ISO in February 2016. It is formally ISO/IEC 8652:2012/Cor 1:2016, entitled Technical Corrigendum 1 for Ada 2012, or TC1 for short [5].

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