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A.18.12 The Generic Package Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists

{AI95-00302-03} The language-defined generic package Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists provides private types List and Cursor, and a set of operations for each type. It provides the same operations as the package Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists (see A.18.3), with the difference that the generic formal Element_Type is indefinite. 

Static Semantics

{AI95-00302-03} {AI05-0092-1} The declaration of the generic library package Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists has the same contents and semantics as Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists except:
The generic formal Element_Type is indefinite.
The procedure with the profile: 
procedure Insert (Container : in out List;
                  Before    : in     Cursor;
                  Position  :    out Cursor;
                  Count     : in     Count_Type := 1);
is omitted.
Discussion: This procedure is omitted because there is no way to create a default-initialized object of an indefinite type. We considered having this routine insert an empty element similar to the empty elements of a vector, but rejected this possibility because the semantics are fairly complex and very different from the existing definite container. That would make it more error-prone to convert a container from a definite type to an indefinite type; by omitting the routine completely, any problems will be diagnosed by the compiler. 
The actual Element parameter of access subprogram Process of Update_Element may be constrained even if Element_Type is unconstrained. 

Extensions to Ada 95

{AI95-00302-03} The generic package Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists is new. 

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