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Ada-Comment Mailing List

The Ada Comment mailing list is the place to send and discuss technical comments on the Ada Standard. It is not the place to ask questions about specific Ada compilers, Ada programming problems, or Ada tools. (Such questions are best sent to the comp.lang.ada newsgroup.)
Comments should be submitted as described in the introduction to the Ada Reference Manual (see the Ada 2012 Standard, for instance.) Specifically:
Comments should use the following format:
      !topic Title summarizing comment
      !reference Ada 202x 2012
      !from Author Name yy-mm-dd
      !keywords keywords related to topic

      text of discussion
where is the clause or subclause number, pp is the paragraph number where applicable, and yy-mm-dd is the date the comment was sent. The date is optional, as is the !keywords line.
Please use a descriptive “Subject” in your e-mail message, and limit each message to a single comment.
When correcting typographical errors or making minor wording suggestions, please put the correction directly as the topic of the comment; use square brackets [ ] to indicate text to be omitted and curly braces { } to indicate text to be added, and provide enough context to make the nature of the suggestion self-evident or put additional information in the body of the comment, for example:
      !topic [c]{C}haracter
      !topic it[']s meaning is not defined
The Ada-Comment list is open to the interested public; it's especially useful to join the list if you submit a comment so that you can respond to any questions or replies to the comment.
Join the list by sending mail to, with a body of join ada-comment. (Send from the e-mail that you want list mail to be sent to. Also note that it might be necessary to add the address as an exception to your spam filtering mechanism - some block all list mail.)
Messages posted to the Ada-Comment mailing list have been archived since December 1999. To find out how to search the list and retrieve messages, send a message to, with a body of help ada-comment. In addition, since 1995, all relevant Ada-Comment messages are filed in the !appendix section of a relevant AI or AC. One can search those and the other material on this site using the site search engine.