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Modified 2023/10/04 05:40:22 by randy with line changes +3 -2
CVS Tags: HEAD, Ada2022_Final
Differences from 1.9
Various updates for the final Ada 2022 RM and a bit of work on the Ada 202Y RM.

Modified 2023/01/05 05:49:12 by randy with line changes +4 -3
CVS Tags: Ada2022_D35
Differences from 1.8
Various updates for FDIS/Draft 35.

Modified 2012/11/28 23:53:06 by randy with line changes +17 -7
CVS Tags: Ada2022_D34, Ada202x_D33, Ada202x_D32, Ada202x_D31, Ada202x_D30, Ada202x_D29, Ada202x_D28, Ada202x_D27, Ada202x_D26, Ada202x_D25, Ada202x_D25], Ada202x_D24, Ada202x_D23, Ada202x_D22, Ada202x_D21, Ada202x_D20, Ada202x_D19, Ada202x_D18, Ada202x_D17, Ada202x_D16, Ada202x_D15, Ada202x_D13, Ada202x_D12, Ada202x_D11, Ada202x_D10, Ada2012_TC1, Ada202x_D7, Ada202x_D6, Ada202x_D4, Ada202x_D3, Ada202x_D1, Ada2012_Final
Differences from 1.7
Various changes for final Ada 2012 Standard.

Modified 2011/11/01 23:14:15 by randy with line changes +3 -2
CVS Tags: Ada2012_D18, Ada2012_D17, Ada2012_D16, Ada2012_D15, Amend2_D14
Differences from 1.6
Added page breaks for draft 14.

Modified 2011/11/01 05:34:04 by randy with line changes +3 -3
Differences from 1.5
Various corrections from ARG editorial reviews; Amendment-Standard comparison tool; and spell checking (thanks to Dan Eilers).

Modified 2010/10/15 07:05:38 by randy with line changes +3 -3
CVS Tags: Amend2_D13, Amend2_D12
Differences from 1.4
Editorial changes from a number of people.

Modified 2009/12/18 07:15:34 by randy with line changes +7 -7
CVS Tags: Amend2_10, Amend2_D9
Differences from 1.3
Various updates, mostly adding AIs approved at the St. Petersburg meeting.

Modified 2006/10/19 06:40:32 by Randy with line changes +3 -2
CVS Tags: Amend2_D8, Amend2_D7, Amend_Final
Differences from 1.2
Finished final checking and glitch elimination.

Modified 2005/11/24 02:15:07 by Randy with line changes +10 -4
CVS Tags: Amend_D15
Differences from 1.1
Various changes from the Atlanta meeting.

Modified 2005/10/29 06:03:37 by Randy
Created unit to hold Language-defined entities lists.

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