CVS difference for arm/source/10.mss

Differences between 1.44 and version 1.45
Log of other versions for file arm/source/10.mss

--- arm/source/10.mss	2005/03/18 06:37:20	1.44
+++ arm/source/10.mss	2005/03/24 06:43:10	1.45
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
 @Part(10, Root="ada.mss")
-@Comment{$Date: 2005/03/18 06:37:20 $}
+@Comment{$Date: 2005/03/24 06:43:10 $}
 @LabeledSection{Program Structure and Compilation Issues}
 @Comment{$Source: e:\\cvsroot/ARM/Source/10.mss,v $}
-@Comment{$Revision: 1.44 $}
+@Comment{$Revision: 1.45 $}
 @Comment{Corrigendum changes added, 2000/04/24, RLB}
@@ -1214,9 +1214,21 @@
 @nt{generic_declaration}, @nt{generic_instantiation}, or
 @ChgAdded{Version=[2],Text=[A @nt{limited_with_clause} shall not appear on a
-@nt{library_unit_body} or @nt{subunit}.]}
+@nt{library_unit_body}, @nt{subunit}, or @nt{library_unit_renaming_declaration}.]}
+@ChgAdded{Version=[2],Text=[We don't allow a @nt{limited_with_clause} on a
+@nt{library_unit_renaming_declaration} because it would be useless. A
+renaming cannot appear in a @nt{limited_with_clause} (by the rule above), and
+a renaming cannot appear in a @nt{nonlimited_with_clause} (because the name
+would not be within the scope of a @nt{with_clause} denoting the package, see
+@RefSecNum{Package Renaming Declarations}). Nor could it be the parent of
+another unit. That doesn't leave anywhere that the name of such a renaming
+@b<could> appear.]}

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