CVS difference for arm/source/07.mss

Differences between 1.57 and version 1.58
Log of other versions for file arm/source/07.mss

--- arm/source/07.mss	2005/06/16 22:43:29	1.57
+++ arm/source/07.mss	2005/07/10 05:16:21	1.58
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
 @Part(07, Root="ada.mss")
-@Comment{$Date: 2005/06/16 22:43:29 $}
+@Comment{$Date: 2005/07/10 05:16:21 $}
 @Comment{$Source: e:\\cvsroot/ARM/Source/07.mss,v $}
-@Comment{$Revision: 1.57 $}
+@Comment{$Revision: 1.58 $}
@@ -2923,11 +2923,7 @@
-@Chg{Version=[2],New=[In the case of a potentially blocking operation that is
-a master, finalization of an (anonymous) object occurs before blocking if the
-last use of the object occurs before blocking. In particular, for
-a @nt{delay_statement}, any finalization occurs before delaying the task.
-In the case of an @nt{expression} that is a master,
+@Chg{Version=[2],New=[In the case of an @nt{expression} that is a master,
 finalization of any (anonymous) objects occurs as the final part of
 evaluation of the @nt{expression}.],
 Old=[@Chg{New=[If a transfer of control or raising of an exception occurs prior to

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