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Modified 2022/06/21 06:09:12 by randy with line changes +3 -2
CVS Tags: HEAD, Ada2022_Final, Ada2022_D35, Ada2022_D34, Ada202x_D33
Differences from 1.6
Various new features to support the FDIS for Ada 2022.

Modified 2016/04/21 03:14:27 by randy with line changes +3 -1
CVS Tags: Ada202x_D29
Differences from 1.5
Various changes to the formatting: added Base_Change_Version (so we can show changes for arbitrary versions) and Force_New_Revision_Colors (so we can ensure that all of the change colors are the same for a document).

Modified 2012/09/01 06:46:49 by randy with line changes +4 -2
CVS Tags: Ada2012_TC1, Ada2012_Final
Differences from 1.4
Added an Output_Path command line parameter, and support for it everywhere.

Modified 2011/10/19 23:58:05 by randy with line changes +2 -1
CVS Tags: Ada2012_D17, Amend2_D14
Differences from 1.3
Fixed minor glitch in copyright message.

Modified 2011/10/18 23:27:29 by randy with line changes +15 -17
Differences from 1.2
Changed to GPLv3 license at request of WG 9.

Modified 2006/01/17 07:20:11 by Randy with line changes +1 -1
CVS Tags: Amend2_D9, Amend_Final
Differences from 1.1
Added many commands, especially master file commands and additional kinds of links.

Modified 2006/01/13 01:36:03 by Randy
Added master document file, to increase the flexibility of the document tool.

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