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--- ais/ai-presentation.txt	2002/04/26 20:15:17	1.10
+++ ais/ai-presentation.txt	2003/07/26 03:26:04	1.11
@@ -1535,3 +1535,30 @@
+From: Adam Beneschan
+Sent: Tuesday, June 3, 2003  12:51 PM
+I found a couple minor errors in RM95 13.1 that probably ought to be
+cleaned up:
+(1) 13.14(19) says, "An operational or representation item that
+directly specifies an aspect of an entity shall appear before the
+entity is frozen (see 13.1).  This leads one to believe that 13.1
+contains rules that forbid representation items for any entity after
+the entity is frozen.  However, upon reading 13.1 carefully, I found
+that there are such rules for types and subtypes, but for no other
+kinds of entities, such as subprograms (for example, the Convention
+pragma is a representation item for a subprogram that ought to be
+illegal after the subprogram is frozen).  This appears to be a simple
+(2) 13.1(16,18) says: "Each aspect of representation of an entity is
+as follows: . . . If an aspect of representation of an entity is not
+specified, it is chosen by default in an unspecified manner".  This
+last is not entirely true; for the Convention pragma, the default is
+specified in 6.3.1.  Perhaps 13.1(18) ought to be amended to read
+"unless the default is specified elsewhere in this Standard" or

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