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AI formatting rules:
This document is a short AI style guide. (These rules were used in formatting Defect Reports 1 & 2.)
Titles: all lower case (except the first letter and proper names), no period (but a question mark is allowed).
Answers: in the question section, short answers are allowed. These are formatted in parens, with a period [(Yes.) not (yes) or (YES)]. Answers of more than 3 or 4 words should be omitted completely.
If a section refers completely to another, it should say:
(See summary.) or (See wording.)
(formatted as above.) The tools detect such such sections and omit them from the Defect Reports.
Never use "ARM" or "RM" or "RM95". Always say "the standard".
Never use "Ada 95": either say "Ada" or "the standard". Use of "Ada 83" is OK.
Always indent paragraphs quoted from the standard. Never use paragraph numbers in these quotes.
Never mix RM and AARM references. Always prefix AARM references with AARM.
Never say "paragraph xxx" or (worse) "This paragraph".
Paragraph number ranges always use a dash: "13.14(10-11)", not "13.14(10..11)". AARM references always include a dot (.) and both ends of a range are written out: "13.14(11.a-11.b)", not "13.14(11.a-b)" or "13.14(11a-11b)".
Avoid using "pointed to" or "pointer type"; use "referenced" and "access type" instead.
Avoid unfamilar abbreviations: don't use "spec" (specificiation) or "typo" (typographical error), for example.
The formatting codes for the !corrigendum section:
@@ - Literal @ => "@". @> - Literal > => ">". @b<text> - Boldface "text". @fx<text> - Set the font to x for the text:
x=A (Arial), x=C (Courier), x=T (Times).
@hr - Hard return (always put a line break here). @i<text> - Italicize "text". @snn<text> - Set the font size to nn points. 'nn' in 6 .. 49. @tab - Insert a tab. @pi - The Greek PI character. @emdash - Generate a long dash. @lquote - Generate a left single quote. @rquote - Generate a right single quote. @xyyyy<text> - Text has format yyyy.
- yyy=Code (code, keep returns, indenting); - Bullet (bullet, indented). - Indent (indented). - Hang (indented, @xterm text hangs out). - InBull (bullet, indented to fit in an indented list). - I2Bull (bullet, indented to fit as a nested bullet
in an Inbull).
- Term (part of Hang; must not contain any @X or - @Ds, ought to be short. Term on separate line). - Terms (part of Hang; must not contain any @X or - @Ds, ought to be short. Term on same line, if possible).
Specific to Corrigendum:
@dxxxx - Directions.
@dprepl - Partial replace "In paragraph xxx, replace:" @drepl - Full replace "Replace paragraph xxx:" @dby - Replacement "By:" @dinsa - Insert after "Insert after paragraph xxx:" @dinsb - Insert before "Insert before paragraph xxx:" @ddel - Delete "Delete paragraph xxx:" @dinst - Insert text "The paragraph:" @dinss - Insert text "The paragraphs:" @dinsc - Insert (sub)clause "Insert new clause:" @dinsl - List insert "In the list in paragraph xxx, add:"
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