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--- ais/ai-form.txt	2001/09/08 02:04:40	1.1
+++ ais/ai-form.txt	2001/09/08 03:35:07	1.2
@@ -6,6 +6,16 @@
 Titles: All lower case (except the first letter and proper names), no period
     (but a question mark is allowed).
+    In the question section, short answers are allowed. These are formatted
+    in parens, with a period [(Yes.) not (yes) or (YES)]. Answers of more than
+    3 or 4 words should be omitted completely.
+If a section refers completely to another, it should say:
+    (See Summary.)   or (See Wording.)
+(formatted as above.) The tools detect such such sections and omit them from
+the Defect Reports.
 Never use "ARM" or "RM" or "RM95". Always say "the standard".
 Never use "Ada 95": either say "Ada" or "the standard". Use of "Ada 83" is OK.

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