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--- ais/ai-20218.txt	2003/07/15 20:41:11	1.4
+++ ais/ai-20218.txt	2003/07/26 03:26:03	1.5
@@ -1065,5 +1065,34 @@
+From: Robert I. Eachus
+Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003  3:50 PM
+I feel like I am poking at a blister to see if it is still sore, but I
+think I have something  (useful) to add that is new.  The real problem,
+as I see it is that users are going to be seriously confused if the
+compiler tells them that a declaration is non-overriding when he knows
+that it WILL be.overriding.  Changing the keyword overriding to mean
+will override it seems to me leads to other problems, but if we give
+users four choices, overriding, non-overriding, may override, and will
+override, we can limt the scope of the will override to mean will
+override in the (potentially implicit) private part.  Or call it
+overrrides privately, or whatever.  This post is not about the details.
+ But if we have that, then the need to say may override, and create a
+new declaration in the private part to get the overriding status right.
+Further, we can say it is a bug to declare something non-overriding if
+it overrides in the private part.  That to me has always been the most
+painful part of this.  That a "true" declaration could be a lie as far
+as users were concerned.  (And as far as I am concerned too.
+ Overriding, as far as I am concerned is actually an execution time
+issue, and once we get there, something is either overriding or it isn't.
+Are there other cases where the overriding will only occur in the body
+that we need to deal with?  (The only one I saw offhand was the implicit
+body case.)

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