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!standard 3.9.2(10/1)          05-04-18 AI95-00430/00
!class amendment 05-04-18
!status work item 05-04-18
!status received 05-04-18
!priority High
!difficulty Easy
!subject Conventions of inherited subprograms
3.9.2(10/1) does not say what happens when a type inherits routines with different conventions.
In addition, an unfriendly reading of 3.9.2(10/1) would suggest that the convention of an inherited subprogram is fixed such that even a pragma convention would be ignored.
(See summary.)
The requirement that an overriding subprogram is subtype conformant (which requires matching conventions) provides some relief. But it is better to say the obvious up front.
(See discussion.)
!ACATS test


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