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!standard H.06(01)          05-03-28 AI95-00421/01
!class amendment 05-03-28
!status work item
!status received
!priority High
!difficulty Easy
!subject Sequential activation and attachment
The mechanism of activation and attachment of handlers described in AI-265 is clarified.
The second paragraph of the dynamic semantics of H6 described in AI-265 is unclear.
(See summary.)
Replace the second paragraph of H.6 by
If the partition elaboration policy is Sequential then task elaboration, activation, and interrupt attachment are performed in the following sequence of steps:
* All library level tasks are elaborated by the environment task. The activation of the tasks and the attachment of interrupt handlers is deferred.
* The environment task is then suspended while the library tasks are activated.
* The interrupt handlers are then attached by the environment task in parallel with the executing library tasks.
* The environment task then executes the main subprogram (if any) in parallel with the executing tasks.
The essence of AI-265 was OK, just a bit vague.
None (there isn't one in AI-265, either).
!ACATS test
The ACATS test for AI-265 should cover this change, too.


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