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--- ais/ai-00411.txt	2005/02/08 01:55:21	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00411.txt	2005/02/27 06:34:53	1.2
@@ -1,10 +1,13 @@
-!standard 7.5(3)                                      05-02-07  AI95-00411/01
+!standard 7.5(4)                                      05-02-26  AI95-00411/02
+!standard 3.9.4(1)
 !class amendment 05-02-07
+!status Amendment 200Y 05-02-26
+!status ARG Approved 10-0-0  05-02-12
 !status work item 05-02-07
 !status received 05-02-07
 !priority High
 !difficulty Easy
-!subject Equality for types derived from interfaces
+!subject Predefined equality for types derived from interfaces
@@ -29,26 +32,30 @@
 discussion after the final revisions to be sure everything
 still works.
-It *might* be useful to mention in a note when talking about
+It would be useful to mention in a note when talking about
 interfaces that they have non-abstract equality operators,
-if nonlimited. E.g.:
+if nonlimited.
-  Add after 3.9.4(12/2):
+There also is a wording error in 7.5 - limited interfaces are not
+included in the list of limited things. (While a declared limited interface
+includes the word "limited" and thus is covered by the existing wording,
+task and protected interfaces are not.)
+Add a note in the new 3.9.4 proposed by AI-251 and AI-345:
     NOTE 1: Nonlimited interface types have predefined nonabstract equality
             operators. These may be overridden with user-defined abstract
             equality operators. Such operators will then require
             an explicit overriding for any nonabstract descendant of the
-There does seem to be one wording "bug" in 7.5(3-8):
-  Add after 7.5(3):
+Add after 7.5(4):
     * a limited interface;
 Here are some relevant paragraphs, which combine to make "="
@@ -115,8 +122,16 @@
    Otherwise, the type is nonlimited.
    [There are no predefined equality operators for a limited type.]
+!comment !corrigendum 3.9.4(1) We've done this in the Conflict text without
+!comment a formal reference (so we don't have to allow 4-way conflicts).
+!corrigendum 7.5(4)
+@xbullet<a type with the reserved word @b<limited> in its definition;>
+@xbullet<a limited interface;>
 !ACATS test

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