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!standard 10.1.2(18/2)          05-02-07 AI95-00410/01
!class amendment 05-02-07
!status No Action (10-0-0) 05-02-12
!status work item 05-02-07
!status received 05-02-07
!priority High
!difficulty Easy
!subject Limited with should be allowed on bodies
Allow limited with on bodies and subunits, to break cycles created by pragma Elaborate or Elaborate_Body.
We have disallowed limited with on bodies and subunits, strictly on the grounds that they serve no purpose. However, on further reflection, a limited with on a body or a subunit is useful to break a circularity in elaboration dependences, and these can involve bodies if pragma Elaborate or pragma Elaborate_Body are present.
Delete 10.1.2(18/2):
[A limited_with_clause shall not appear on a library_unit_body or subunit.]
This restriction was present just to make it clear that limited with was to break cycles. However, elaboration dependences can also create cycles, and these can involve bodies. So we should allow limited with on a body or subunit.
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