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!standard 8.3.1 (23)          05-02-07 AI95-00408/01
!class amendment 05-02-07
!status work item 05-02-07
!status received 05-02-07
!priority High
!difficulty Easy
!subject Visibility for attribute_definition_clauses
(See proposal.)
The definition of visibility for attribute_definition_clauses in 8.3.1(23.1/2) is flawed. It is constructed by analogy with declarations, but the visibility of declarations has plenty of oddities related to homographs, hiding, use clauses, etc.
Define the scope of attribute_definition_clauses by analogy with declarations, because the definition of scope doesn't have the complexity of visibility. Then define visibility of attribute_definition_clauses using a special rule.
Add after 8.2(10):
The scope of an attribute_definition_clause is identical to the scope of a declaration that would occur at the point of the attribute_definition_clause.
Replace 8.3.1(23.1/2) by:
An attribute_definition_clause is visible within its scope.
See proposal.
!ACATS test


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