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--- ais/ai-00399.txt	2005/04/13 05:37:21	1.2
+++ ais/ai-00399.txt	2005/06/16 23:47:39	1.3
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard 9.1(3)                                    05-03-08  AI95-00399/02
+!standard 9.1(3)                                    05-06-05  AI95-00399/03
 !standard 9.4(3)
 !class amendment 05-01-25
 !status Amendment 200Y 05-03-08
@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@
              [new interface_list with]
+Change "task_type_declaration" in the first, fourth, and fifth paragraph
+added by AI-345 after 9.1(9.1) to "task declaration".
 Change 9.4(3) to read:
 	single_protected_declaration ::=
@@ -42,6 +45,9 @@
 	     [new interface_list with]
+Change "protected_type_declaration" in the first, fourth, and fifth paragraphs
+added by AI-345 after 9.4(11) to "protected declaration".
 One might naively think that, because the type of a single task or protected
@@ -77,6 +83,15 @@
      [>@ft<@b<new>>@fa< interface_list >@ft<@b<with>>@fa<]
+!corrigendum 9.1(9.1/1)
+!comment This is a dummy to force a conflict.
+For a task declaration without a @fa<task_definition>, a @fa<task_definition>
+without @fa<task_item>s is assumed.
+Dummy, dummy, dummy.
 !corrigendum 9.4(3)
@@ -87,6 +102,19 @@
    >@ft<@b<protected>>@fa< defining_identifier >@ft<@b<is>>@fa<
      [>@ft<@b<new>>@fa< interface_list >@ft<@b<with>>@fa<]
+!corrigendum 9.4(11)
+!comment This is a dummy to force a conflict.
+A @fa<protected_definition> defines a protected type and its first subtype. The
+list of @fa<protected_operation_declaration>s of a @fa<protected_definition>,
+together with the @fa<known_discriminant_part>, if any, is called the visible
+part of the protected unit. The optional list of
+@fa<protected_element_declaration>s after the reserved word @b<private> is
+called the private part of the protected unit.
+Dummy, dummy, dummy.
 !ACATS test

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