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--- ais/ai-00364.txt	2003/12/05 00:29:31	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00364.txt	2003/12/05 00:30:55	1.2
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard  03.07(08/1)                                  03-12-04  AI95-00364/00
+!standard  04.05.05(20)                                03-12-04  AI95-00364/00
 !class amendment 03-12-04
 !status received 03-09-29
 !priority Medium
@@ -7,37 +7,9 @@
-Those ^&**^$% access subtypes gotta go.
-[Editor's note: this is not a full write-up.]
-Disallow the discriminant constraint on a general
-access type if the discriminants have defaults on the
-designated type, recheck in an instance and presume the worst
-in a generic body.
-We must disallow constraints on *all* access types
-declared outside the package defining the private type (presuming the
-private view has no visible discriminants), allocating
-space for unconstrained objects in the heap even when
-constraints are given in the allocator for such an access type,
-and setting the 'Constrained attribute False when dereferencing
-values of such an access type.
-If the access type is a general access type, then this "new" semantics for
-allocators should apply to access types declared inside the package
-as well, presuming the designated subtype is not constrained,
-since subtypes would be disallowed on the "inside" general access types
-as well. Furthermore, there would need to be rules disallowing
-a 'Access that delivers a value of such a type being applied to a
-constrained variable (3.7.2(27)), and disallowing conversion from some other
-access type that had constrained designated objects (4.6(16)).
-Both 3.7.2(27) and 4.6(16) would then say "discriminated and indefinite"
-rather than "discriminated and unconstrained."

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