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Differences between 1.9 and version 1.10
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--- ais/ai-00355.txt	2004/11/25 00:03:43	1.9
+++ ais/ai-00355.txt	2005/04/13 05:37:17	1.10
@@ -1,7 +1,16 @@
-!standard D.02.05 (00)                                 04-11-11  AI95-00355/07
+!standard D.02.05 (00)                                 05-03-10  AI95-00355/08
 !standard D.02.01 (01)
 !standard D.02.02 (00)
 !standard D.02.02 (01)
+!standard D.02.02 (02)
+!standard D.02.02 (03)
+!standard D.02.02 (04)
+!standard D.02.02 (06)
+!standard D.02.02 (06)
+!standard D.02.02 (17)
+!standard D.02.02 (18)
+!standard D.02.03 (01)
+!standard D.02.04 (01)
 !standard D.04 (07)
 !class amendment 03-09-27
 !status Amendment 200Y 04-09-27
@@ -80,7 +89,7 @@
 Modify D.2.2 to the following:
-D.2.2 Pragmas Task_Dispatching_Policy and Priority_Specific_Dispatching
+D.2.2 Task Dispatching Pragmas
 This clause allows a single task dispatching policy to be
 defined for all priorities, or the range of priorities to be
@@ -348,14 +357,14 @@
 Dispatching serves as the parent of other language-defined library
 units concerned with dispatching.
-!corrigendum D.02.02(00)
+!corrigendum D.2.2(00)
 The Standard Task Dispatching Policy
-Pragmas Task_Dispatching_Policy and Priority_Specific_Dispatching
+Task Dispatching Pragmas
-!corrigendum D.02.02(01)
+!corrigendum D.2.2(01)
@@ -468,8 +477,16 @@
 Implementations are allowed to define other task dispatching policies, but
 need not support more than one task dispatching policy per partition.
+!corrigendum D.2.2(18)
+For optimization purposes, an implementation may alter the points at which task
+dispatching occurs, in an implementation defined manner. However, a
+@i<delay_statement> always corresponds to at least one task dispatching point.
 An implementation need not support @fa<pragma> Priority_Specific_Dispatching
 if it is infeasible to support it in the target environment.
 !corrigendum D.2.3(01)

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