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@@ -303,3 +303,25 @@
 to implement real time systems.
+From: Alan Burns
+Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004  6:44 PM
+It is true that no current RTOS provides exactly this capability,
+but I think a number of activities do warrant the (optional)
+support of budgeting in Ada:
+1) Real-Time Java has it (as an optional capability)
+2) POSIX defines sporadic servers; which are a weaker provision
+3) Servers in general are much discussed in the literature and
+can be programmed with this provision
+4) Applications are looking for various forms of isolation;
+budgets (on a group of tasks) does provide one useful aaproach.
+5) It is only an optional provision, but does give an API
+that defines a standard way of supporting budgets.
+6) In general RTOSs are weak in their support for execution
+time budgeting (per thread and for groups of threads); this
+will change I believe. Should Ada wait for OSs or help to
+define what RTOSs should/will support in the future?

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