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!standard H.00          03-08-11 AI95-00347/01
!class amendment 03-08-11
!status work item 03-08-11
!status received 03-08-11
!priority Medium
!difficulty Easy
!subject Title of Annex H
The name of Annex H is changed to High Integrity Systems to bring it in line with the term used extensively for these systems. Wording is introduced to make it clear that the Ravenscar profile is appropriate to high integrity systems.
Since 1995 the general term, high integrity systems, has become the standard way of identifying systems that have high reliability requirements and are typically subject to extensive amounts of static analysis. It subsumes terms such as safety and security. It is also true that the Annex does not identify any security specific issues and hence the current title is somewhat confusing.
One possible reading of the Annex is that no tasking features should be used in high integrity systems. There is a need to explicitly refer to the Ravenscar profile in this Annex.
The HRG proposes the following word changes. WG9 has sanctioned the change to the title of this annex (June 2003 meeting).
Change 1.1.2(13) to Annex H, "High Integrity Systems"
Change title of Annex H to High Integrity Systems
Change first sentence of H(1) to This Annex addresses requirements for high integrity systems (including safety-critical systems and security-critical systems).
Change title of H.4 to H.4 High Integrity Restrictions
Add the following sentence to the end of paragraph H.4(2) Pragma Profile(Ravenscar) applies in this Annex.
(See problem.)
Not appropriate.
--!corrigendum H.00(00)
!ACATS test
No test is needed.

From: Alan Burns
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003  8:20 AM

Here is a new AI from HRG that proposes the change in
the title of Annex H - is this the shortest AI? [This is version /01 - ED]


From: Robert A Duff
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003  8:51 AM

Perhaps, but I doubt if it will engender the shortest discussion.  ;-)


From: Alan Burns
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003  9:07 AM

Thats OK - shortest discussion is usually 'no way, next AI'.


From: Robert Dewar
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003  9:16 AM

I am sure someone has pointed this out, but this means that H is now
mnemonic (H for high integrity).

That means the HRG can now consider itself the high integrity Ada
rapporteur group


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