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--- ais/ai-00344.txt	2004/09/04 01:13:45	1.9
+++ ais/ai-00344.txt	2004/10/05 22:49:15	1.10
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard  3.09    (04)                               04-08-25  AI95-00344/05
+!standard  3.09    (04)                               04-09-20  AI95-00344/06
 !standard  3.09    (07)
 !standard  3.09    (12)
 !standard  3.09.01 (03)
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
     whether repeated instantiations of the generic body result in
     distinct tags.
-Modify 3.9(4) as follows:
+Modify 3.9(4.a-b) as follows:
   AARM NOTE: In most cases, a tag need only identify a particular tagged
     type declaration, and can therefore be a simple link-time-known
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@
     library units, a tagged type shall not be declared as a descendant
     of a formal type declared within the formal part of the generic unit.
-    AARM Note: The convuluted wording ("formal type declared within the formal
+  AARM Note: The convoluted wording ("formal type declared within the formal
     part") is necessary to include tagged types that are formal parameters of
     formal packages of the generic unit, as well as formal tagged and tagged
     formal derived types of the generic unit.
@@ -434,15 +434,6 @@
 level of the type identified by the tag of the result is not deeper than
 that of the master that elaborated the function body. If this check fails,
 Program_Error is raised.
-!comment There is no change in the next one, but we'll need to put text
-!comment here in the integrated document. So we have to fool the tools.
-!corrigendum 13.13.2(28)
-For every subtype S'Class of a class-wide type @i<T>'Class:
-For every subtype S'Class of a class-wide type @i<T>'Class:
 !corrigendum 13.13.2(31)

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