CVS difference for ais/ai-00321.txt

Differences between 1.9 and version 1.10
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--- ais/ai-00321.txt	2005/10/31 05:18:29	1.9
+++ ais/ai-00321.txt	2005/12/15 02:44:05	1.10
@@ -447,8 +447,8 @@
 @xindent<@s9<12  The priority of a task is determined by rules specified in
-this subclause, and under D.1, ``Task Priorities'', D.3, `` Priority Ceiling
-Locking'', and D.5, ``Dynamic Priorities''.>>
+this subclause, and under D.1, "Task Priorities", D.3, "Priority Ceiling
+Locking", and D.5, "Dynamic Priorities".>>
 @xindent<@s9<13  The setting of a task's base priority as a result of a call to
 Set_Priority does not always take effect immediately when Set_Priority is

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