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Differences between 1.5 and version 1.6
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--- ais/ai-00313.txt	2003/11/27 02:01:15	1.5
+++ ais/ai-00313.txt	2004/11/02 01:50:26	1.6
@@ -167,3 +167,22 @@
 (The declaration of State1 should not have compiled.)
+From: Dan Eilers
+Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2002  8:07 AM
+The ARG minutes for AI-382 say:
+> Should this be allowed in access-to-subprogram? That seems OK.
+> ...
+> Replace "general access type" by "access-to-object type"; add "a parameter
+> of an access-to-subprogram" as another place it is allowed to be a type.
+This is the same question that was raised in AI-313 (with regard to
+named access types), and in that case it was voted no-action.
+Now that allowing this has been approved for AI-382, I think AI-313
+should be revisited, and the corresponding restriction lifted for
+named access types, since the restriction serves no purpose.

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