CVS difference for ais/ai-00262.txt

Differences between 1.18 and version 1.19
Log of other versions for file ais/ai-00262.txt

--- ais/ai-00262.txt	2004/01/23 04:59:25	1.18
+++ ais/ai-00262.txt	2004/10/05 22:49:07	1.19
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard 10.01.02 (04)                              02-12-03  AI95-00262/06
+!standard 10.01.02 (04)                              04-09-22  AI95-00262/07
 !standard 10.01.02 (08)
 !class amendment 01-02-15
 !status Amendment 200Y 02-07-11
@@ -226,10 +226,10 @@
 @xbullet<the body or subunit of a (public or private) descendant of that
 library unit; or>
 @xbullet<the declaration of a public descendant of that library unit, and
-the @fa<with_clause> shall include the keyword @b<private>.>
+the @fa<with_clause> shall include the reserved word @b<private>.>
 A @fa<name> denoting a library item that is visible only due to being
-mentioned in @fa<with_clause>s that include the keyword @b<private>
+mentioned in @fa<with_clause>s that include the reserved word @b<private>
 shall appear only within
 @xbullet<a private part,>
 @xbullet<a body, but not within the @fa<subprogram_specification> of a library subprogram body,>

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