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Differences between 1.3 and version 1.4
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--- ais/ai-00241.txt	2000/12/11 20:20:11	1.3
+++ ais/ai-00241.txt	2000/12/11 20:22:45	1.4
@@ -73,6 +73,20 @@
    end if;
+!corrigendum 11.4.1(14)
+Raise_Exception and Reraise_Occurrence have no effect in the case of
+Null_Id or Null_Occurrence. Exception_Message, Exception_Identity,
+Exception_Name, and Exception_Information raise Constraint_Error for a Null_Id
+or Null_Occurrence.
+Raise_Exception and Reraise_Occurrence have no effect in the case
+of Null_Id or Null_Occurrence. Exception_Name raises Constraint_Error
+for a Null_Id. Exception_Message, Exception_Name, and Exception_Information
+raise Constraint_Error for a Null_Occurrence. Exception_Identity applied
+to Null_Occurrence returns Null_Id.
 !ACATS test
 Add a test case to CB41004 to check that

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