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+++ ais/ai-00236.txt	2000/06/01 03:31:50	1.2
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+From: Erhard Ploedereder
+Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2000 5:57 PM
+Ken writes:
+> Is it then fair to say that all requirements that are not tested by
+> the validation suite should not be expected to have any generally-accepted
+> minimum criteria (even if that criteria is as vague as a "moral"
+> responsibility)?
+No. That's not fair to say. For one thing, the ACATS fails to test many
+requirements -- that it's the nature of a test suite that needs to be
+economically feasible. And as to documentation requirements, please let's
+not even think about asking validators for subjective evaluations of
+documentation quality. (Language lawyers are bad enough, but please no
+real lawyers in this process!)
+At a minimum, the doc. requirements in the RM are a reasonably good
+checklist for implementers and their documentation teams. If one wanted
+to make them more precise by describing lower bounds, you'd need a second
+standard twice as thick to account for all eventualities. And if you go for
+the lowest denominator of all eventualities, you'd really weaken rather than
+strengthen the requirements.
+At best, you'd hope that implementers discharge their obligation to
+satisfy the doc. requirements as good as they can with finite resources.
+The RM puts this "moral obligation" on them; it can't do more without
+completely undue complexity.
+P.S. I also vote for !no action.

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