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--- ais/ai-00231.txt	2003/09/30 02:01:11	1.10
+++ ais/ai-00231.txt	2003/10/29 22:54:09	1.11
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-!standard  3.10      (06)                        03-09-27  AI95-00231/05
+!standard  3.10      (06)                        03-10-22  AI95-00231/06
 !standard  3.10      (12)
 !standard  4.6       (49)
 !standard  8.6       (25)
@@ -68,10 +68,11 @@
     parameter (see 6.1). [NOTE: Drop this last sentence or make it cover all
     uses of access_definition if AI-230 is approved.]
-Drop the parenthetical "(named)" from the first sentence of 3.10(13), since in
-our new model, anonymous access types have a null value, even though a subtype
-might exclude the null value. Drop the "named" from the last sentence of
-3.10(13) as well, since anonymous access types can have allocators.
+Modify 3.10(13) as follows:
+   For each [(named)] access type, there is [a literal NULL which has] a null
+   access value designating no entity at all.  The null value of [a named] {an}
+   access type is the ... in the case of [a named] {an} access-to-object type,
+   an allocator, which returns ...
 Add the following sentence to the end of 3.10(14):
     The first subtype of a type defined by an access_type_definition excludes
@@ -89,7 +90,7 @@
     imposed on an access subtype if it does not equal the null value of its
-Delete paragraph 4.1.4(7) which says that anonymous access types don't
+Delete paragraph 4.2(7) which says that anonymous access types don't
 have a null value.
 Modify 4.6(49) to:
@@ -97,6 +98,11 @@
     the value of the operand is not null; if the target subtype includes null,
     then the result of the conversion is null if the operand value is null.
+Modify 8.5.1(4) to include a
+legality rule that requires the access_definition to be
+access-to-constant if and only if the renamed object is
+access-to-constant. This is only needed if AI-230 is approved.
 Modify 8.6(25) so that implicit conversion to any anonymous access type is
 permitted, with the expected rules (i.e. it is illegal to convert an
 access-to-constant to access-to-variable).
@@ -160,6 +166,10 @@
 anonymous access types are always considered "general" access
 types. However, it was felt more confusing to disallow use of "all"
 for anonymous access types, even though it has no effect.
+!ACATS test
+Tests should be created to check on the implementation of this feature.

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