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--- ais/ai-00204.txt	1998/09/30 00:17:36	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00204.txt	1999/01/29 20:11:42	1.2
@@ -55,3 +55,37 @@
    implementation, and therefore, that B.5(20) is moot.
+From: 	Brashear, Phil
+Sent: 	Friday, January 29, 1999 7:34 AM
+Subject: 	Fortran support
+On tests CXB5004 and CXB5005, an implementation rejects the Import pragma
+because they do not define convention Fortran. As shown by CXB5001..3, they
+do provide package Interface.Fortran, but they don't support actual linkages
+to Fortran code.
+The tests expect an implementation not fully supporting Fortran interfaces to
+reject "with Interface.Fortran;"  In the past, we have had implementations do
+that and have also had implementations that accept the entire program but fail
+at link time (because no Fortran compiler is available).  Both behaviors have
+been graded Not-Applicable.
+We believe that rejecting the pragma (because of the undefined convention
+Fortran) is a third way to handle this situation. Is this acceptable?
+From: 	Brukardt, Randy
+Sent: 	Friday, January 29, 1999 1:33 PM
+Subject: 	Re: Fortran support
+The discussion of AI-00204 at the Paris meeting suggests that such an
+implementation is not allowed. However, it would be best if the AI
+write-up made clear whether or not the package Interface.Fortran implies
+support for convention Fortran, and vice versa. (Of course, any such
+result should apply to all language conventions).

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