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!standard 07.06 (21)          99-11-18 AI95-00197/04
!class binding interpretation 98-10-02
!status deleted 99-11-18
!status ARG approved 7-0-0 98-10-08
!status work item 98-10-02
!status received 98-03-27
!priority Medium
!difficulty Medium
!reference AI-00083
!subject (Deleted)
This AI has been merged into AI95-00083.
AI-83 discusses the cases of using an aggregate to initialize controlled objects that are created by object declarations and allocators. It does not mention the case of controlled subcomponents of a default-initialized object where the subcomponent is initialized by an aggregate. The !summary and !recommendation in AI-83 specifically state that the requirement applies to objects "explicitly initialized with an aggregate", which could be interpreted as not applying to default-initialized subcomponents, though there's no reason why the requirement should not apply to them as well.
This AI amends AI-83 by making it clear that the requirement applies to all controlled objects initialized by an aggregate, whether explicitly, or implicitly as part of the default initialization of some containing object.
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