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Differences between 1.18 and version 1.19
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--- ais/ai-00195.txt	2001/09/13 01:59:47	1.18
+++ ais/ai-00195.txt	2001/10/19 01:36:43	1.19
@@ -1,9 +1,11 @@
-!standard 13.13.1 (09)                                01-09-10  AI95-00195/09
+!standard 8.3 (23)                                    01-10-17  AI95-00195/10
+!standard 13.13.1 (09)
 !standard 13.13.1 (27)
 !standard 13.13.1 (35)
 !standard 13.13.1 (36)
 !standard 13.13.1 (36.1)
 !class binding interpretation 98-03-27
+!status ARG approved 6-0-2  01-10-07
 !status work item 98-04-04
 !status received 98-03-27
 !reference AI95-00108
@@ -42,7 +44,7 @@
 passed to Read are not modified. This may require the creation of an
 anonymous object, which undergoes initialization and finalization.
-7 -The predefined Read attribute for composite types with defaulted
+7 - The predefined Read attribute for composite types with defaulted
 discriminants must raise Constraint_Error if the discriminants found in the
 stream differ from those of the actual parameter to Read, and this parameter
 is constrained.
@@ -196,7 +198,7 @@
         package P is
            type T is tagged limited private;
-           type T is new Boolean;
+           type T is tagged record ...;
            for T'Read use ...
         end P;
@@ -365,6 +367,16 @@
 consecutive calls to Write into a single one, provided these calls all
 pertain to a single top-level call to the attribute Write (or Output).
+!corrigendum 8.3(23)
+@xbullet<A declaration is also hidden from direct visibility where hidden from
+all visibility. >
+An @fa<attribute_definition_clause> is @i<visible> at a place if a declaration
+at the point of the @fa<attribute_definition_clause> would be immediately
+visible at the place.
 !corrigendum 13.13.2(9/1)
@@ -394,9 +406,8 @@
 For a limited type extension, if the attribute of the parent type of @i<T>
 is available anywhere within the immediate scope of @i<T>, and the attribute
 of the type of any of the extension components which are of a limited type,
-@i<L>, is not available everywhere within the part of the immediate scope of
-@i<L> where @i<L> is frozen, then the attribute of @i<T> shall be directly
+@i<L>, is not available at the freezing point of @i<T>, then the attribute
+of @i<T> shall be directly specified.
 !corrigendum 13.13.2(27)

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