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!standard A.10.3 (12)          98-03-27 AI95-00194/00
!class binding interpretation 97-08-19
!status received 97-08-19
!priority Medium
!difficulty Easy
!subject Typo in Standard_Error Definition
!summary 97-08-19
!question 97-08-19
!recommendation 97-08-19
!wording 97-08-19
!discussion 97-08-19

!section A.10.3(12)
!subject Typo in Standard_Error Definition
!reference RM95 A.10.3(12)
!from Dan Lehman  97-07-29
!reference 1997-15771.a Dan Lehman 1997-7-29>>

In the definition of the Text_IO functions Standard_Error, the RM wrongly
states that the returned access value for the File_Access function designates
"the standard output file."  (This looks like a copy-&-forget-to-edit error.)

------- *


!section A.10.2(11)
!subject Bug in the Ada 95 Reference Manual (probably)
!reference RM95-A.10.2(11, 12)
!from Frank Ecke 1997-09-15
!keywords Text File Management
!reference 1997-15784.a Frank Ecke  1997-9-15>>

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Frank Ecke and I am a student of Computer Science at Friedrich
Schiller University, Germany. I like (I love, I should say) programming in Ada.
 I probably found a bug inside the Ada 95 Reference Manual: The above mentioned
sections contain the following text:

       function Standard_Error return File_Type;
       function Standard_Error return File_Access;

        Returns the standard error file (see A.10), or an access value
        designating the standard output file, respectively.

>From my point of view the 12th paragraph should read:

        Returns the standard error file (see A.10), or an access value
        designating the standard error file, respectively.

that is, the word ``output'' should be replaced by ``error''.

 I found this bug, if any, in all documents describing the International
Standard that were available to me---these include: the International Standard
ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1246 (a book from
S. Tucker Taft and Robert A. Duff which is essentially identical to the
International Standard), several online versions of the RM (ASCII, PostScript,

 Of course, a document such as the International Standard is---due to its
length---certain to contain errors. Furthermore, I do not believe that this
bug, if any, causes serious damage, but often the small things in life make the difference.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Ecke,


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