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--- ais/ai-00194.txt	1999/03/05 00:59:40	1.3
+++ ais/ai-00194.txt	1999/04/01 20:01:29	1.4
@@ -1,39 +1,40 @@
 !standard A.10.3   (12)                               98-10-13  AI95-00194/01
 !class binding interpretation 97-08-19
+!status ARG Approved 9-0-0  99-03-24
 !status work item 98-10-13
 !status received 97-08-19
 !priority Medium
 !difficulty Easy
 !subject Typo in Standard_Error Definition
-!summary 98-10-13
 A.10.3(12) should refer to the standard error file, not to the standard
 output file.
-!question 98-10-13
 In the definition of the Text_IO functions Standard_Error, the RM states
 states that the returned access value for the File_Access function designates
 "the standard output file."  This is just a copy-and-forget-to-edit error,
 right? (Yes.)
-!recommendation 98-10-13
 (See Summary.)
-!wording 98-10-13
 Replace A.10.3(12) with:
 "Returns the standard error file (see A.10), or an access value designating
 the standard error file, respectively."
-!discussion 98-10-13
 The intent here is obvious; this is just an editing error.
-!appendix 98-10-13
 !section A.10.3(12)
 !subject Typo in Standard_Error Definition

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