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Differences between 1.2 and version 1.3
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--- ais/ai-00190.txt	1998/10/01 00:24:29	1.2
+++ ais/ai-00190.txt	1999/02/08 23:00:57	1.3
@@ -1,29 +1,43 @@
-!standard 13.12(0) (00)                               98-09-26  AI95-00190/01
-!class ramification 98-09-26
+!standard 13.12(0) (00)                               99-02-05  AI95-00190/02
+!standard D.7 (15)
+!class binding interpretation 98-10-09
+!status ARG-approved (6-0-0) 98-10-09
 !status work item 98-09-26
 !status received 97-08-19
 !priority Medium
 !difficulty Hard
-!subject Compile-time vs. Run-time Errors
+!subject Compile-time enforcement of pragma Restrictions
-!summary 98-09-26
+!summary 99-02-05
-Whenever enforcement of a restricting configuration pragma is not
-required by the Standard prior to execution, but left to
+Whenever enforcement of a restriction imposed by pragma Restrictions
+is not required by the Standard prior to execution, but left to
 implementation-defined behaviour of dynamic semantics, it is
 reasonable to interpret pre-execution enforcement as a valid
 implementation-defined behaviour, provided that every execution of the
 partition will violate the restriction.
-Even more restrictive implementation behaviour is possible under
-non-standard modes.
+!question 99-02-05
-!question 97-08-19
 Shall we allow implementations to reject (i.e. refuse to run) programs
-that have run-time errors that are detectable at compile time?
+that have run-time detected violations of pragma Restrictions, when they
+are detectable at compile time?
+!recommendation 99-02-05
+(see summary)
+!wording 99-02-05
+add an Implementation Permission after 13.12(9):
+"Whenever enforcement of a restriction is not required prior to
+execution, but left to implementation-defined behaviour of dynamic
+semantics, an implementation may enforce the restriction prior to
+execution of a partition to which the restriction applies, provided
+that every execution of the partition would violate the restriction."
-!response 98-09-26
+!discussion 98-09-26
 For the particularly critical rejection of programs that violate
 restrictions imposed by pragma Restrictions, the Standard provides for

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