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!standard E (02)          97-08-19 AI95-00189/00
!class confirmation 97-08-19
!status received 97-08-19
!priority Medium
!difficulty Medium
!subject The meaning of the terms "processor", "multiprocessor", and "processing node"
!summary 97-08-19
!question 97-08-19
!response 97-08-19

!section E(02)
!subject The meaning of the terms "processor", "multiprocessor", and "processing node"
!reference 1997-15745.c Offer Pazy  1997-4-19>>
!reference RM95-E(2)
!reference RM95-D.1(15)
!reference RM95-D.2.1(2-8)
!from Offer Pazy 97-04-19

Also, at the workshop, it was noted that the above terms are not defined 
precisely enough. This came up in the discussion of running multiple active 
partitions in the same processing note, and the realization that the term 
"processor" as used (but not defined) in the LRM, really means 
"virtual-processor". The rules in the RT annex refer to the processor as a 
dedicated resource of teh active partition. It does not consider the acse 
when multiple APs run on the same processsor.

Note: I do not believe that this AI can be solved in the context of Ada 95. 
I am submitting it just for the purpose of recording the issue for future 
(more ambitious) revisions.

Offer Pazy
48 Be'eri St.
Tel-Aviv 64233


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