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!standard C.7.2 (16)          97-08-19 AI95-00187/00
!class confirmation 97-08-19
!status received 97-08-19
!priority Medium
!difficulty Medium
!subject Task attribute operations are atomic but not sequential
!summary 97-08-19
!question 97-08-19
!response 97-08-19

!section C.7.2(16)
!subject Task attribute operations are atomic but not sequential
!reference RM95-C7.2(16)
!reference RM95-9.10(11-14)
!reference AI95-000165
!from Offer Pazy 97-04-19
!reference 1997-15745.a Offer Pazy  1997-4-19>>

The operations on task atributes are defined to operate "atomically", but 
the LRM uses a different language than the one uses for atomic variables. 
Thus, it is not clear if such operations are considered "sequential actions" 
as defined by 9.10. If this is just a confirmation, I suggest that an AI 
will establish this formally. Otherwise, the appropriate wording should be 
added to 9.10 to include the operations on task attributes as well.

Note that the issue in AI-165 is separate and the requested 
change/confirmation does not make the resolution of AI-165 more difficult.


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