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--- ais/ai-00178.txt	1998/09/30 00:17:33	1.1
+++ ais/ai-00178.txt	1999/09/23 18:39:39	1.2
@@ -1,26 +1,100 @@
-!standard 09.05.01 (18)                               97-03-19  AI95-00178/00
+!standard 09.05.01 (18)                               99-09-18  AI95-00178/01
 !class binding interpretation 97-03-19
+!status work item 99-09-18
 !status received 97-03-19
 !priority Low
 !difficulty Medium
 !subject Which I/O operations are potentially blocking?
-!summary 97-03-19
+All subprograms declared in the packages Ada.Stream_IO, Ada.Text_IO or
+Ada.Text_IO.Text_Streams are potentially blocking.
-!question 97-03-19
+All subprograms declared in an instantiation of the generic packages
+Ada.Direct_IO or Ada.Sequential_IO are potentially blocking.
+Consider the subprograms declared in an instantiation or a nongeneric equivalent
+of the generic packages Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO,
+Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Wide_Complex_IO, or of the generic packages declared in the
+specification of Ada.Text_IO and Ada.Wide_Text_IO.  They are potentially
+blocking unless their declaration starts with either:
-!recommendation 97-03-19
+        procedure Put (To : out String; ...
-!wording 97-03-19
+        procedure Get (From : in String; ...
+The subprograms declared in an instantiation of Ada.Storage_IO are not
+potentially blocking.
-!discussion 97-03-19
+9.5.1(18) states that "the subprograms of the language-defined input-output
+packages that manipulate files (implicitly or explicitly) are potentially
+blocking."  It is not clear what this means.
-!appendix 97-03-19
+1.  Is "that manipulate files" meant to modify "subprograms" (in which case
+the versions of Put that write to strings are excluded) or "packages" (in
+which case these versions of Put might be included, but see #2).
+2. Is a subprogram provided by an instance of a generic package nested in
+Ada.Text_IO considered a subprogram "of" Ada.Text_IO?
+3. Which subprograms are considered to "manipulate files"? Is any
+subprogram with a File_Type parameter, plus any counterpart that operates
+in the same way on a default file, considered to "manuipulate files", or is
+manipulation of files restricted to subprograms that perform what A.8.2
+calls "File Management"?  Indeed, are the file-management functions that
+query properties of an internal file (Mode, Name, Form, Is_Open) considered
+to manipulate files?
+(See summary.)
+(See summary.)
+It is clear that any subprogram that calls an operating system service to read
+or modify an external file has to be considered potentially blocking, since it
+can take an arbitrary amount of time to complete.  This includes the file
+management operations (Create, Open, Close, etc.) as well as the operation that
+read or modify the contents of the file (Read, Write, Flush, etc.).  In practice
+it is likely that some buffering will take place, and therefore not all
+read/write operations will call a system service, but we have to assume the
+There are operations, like Form, Line_Length, etc., which probably don't need to
+call any system service, but can merely be implemented by retrieving information
+from some data structure associated with the File_Type object.  However, for an
+implementation that would support concurrent access to internal files, accessing
+this data structure would require some synchronization (e.g., to ensure that any
+file management operation in progress has completed), and the synchronization
+itself would be potentially blocking (for instance it could be implemented by
+entry calls).
+We don't want to prevent an implementation from supporting concurrent access to
+a given file object (although we don't require it; see RM95 A(3)).  Moreover,
+the capability of calling Form or Line_Length inside a protected operation
+doesn't seem too useful.  That why we state that all operations that involve
+(explicitly or implicitly) File_Type objects are potentially blocking.
+The Get and Put procedures that read from/write to a string are different in the
+sense that they don't involve any File_Type object.  In fact, they have no
+relationship whatsoever with I/Os: they are just string manipulation operations.
+So it seems that they should behave just like the operations from the string
+packages (Ada.Strings.Fixed and the like), and therefore they should not be
+potentially blocking.
+Similarly, the operations of Ada.Storage_IO only affect in-memory byte strings,
+so they should not be potentially blocking.
 !section 9.5.1(18)
 !subject Which I/O operations are potentially blocking?

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