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Differences between 1.2 and version 1.3
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--- ais/ai-00175.txt	1999/02/28 01:57:53	1.2
+++ ais/ai-00175.txt	1999/04/01 20:01:27	1.3
@@ -1,17 +1,18 @@
 !standard 06.03.01 (19)                               99-02-27  AI95-00175/02
 !class binding interpretation 97-03-19
+!status ARG Approved 9-0-0  99-03-24
 !status work item 97-03-19
 !status received 97-03-19
 !priority Low
 !difficulty Easy
 !subject Full conformance of expressions with attributes
-!summary 97-03-19
 For two attribute_references to fully conform, the attribute_designator
 must be the same.
-!question 99-02-27
 Is Integer'Succ fully conformant with Integer'Pred? (No.)
@@ -20,25 +21,25 @@
   prefix ' attribute_designator :=
   name ' identifer
-!recommendation 99-02-27
 (See summary.)
-!wording 99-02-27
 Add an additional bullet after 6.3.1(21):
 each attribute_designator must be the same as the corresponding
 attribute_designator in the other; and
-!discussion 99-02-27
 It would be ludicrous to treat two different attributes to be fully
 conformant. None of the reasons for conformance checking would be
 enforced if this was true. Thus, the RM's failure to require this can
 only be categoried as an oversight.
-!appendix 97-03-19
 !section 6.3.1(19)
 !subject Full conformance of expressions with attributes

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