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--- ais/ai-00168.txt	2000/10/05 02:47:30	1.15
+++ ais/ai-00168.txt	2001/03/22 22:24:53	1.16
@@ -152,8 +152,15 @@
 !ACATS test
-B-Tests should be created for each rule. (There must be two, since the rules
-are in different sections.)
+Test B371001 checks that a discriminant_constraint of a general access type is
+illegal if there is a place within the immediate scope of the designated
+subtype where the designated subtype's view is constrained. (Test, 8-0-0,
+ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001).
+Test B460005 checks that in a view conversion, the target and operand array's
+components may not have different aliasing (that is, if one has aliased
+components, the other must have aliased components, and vice-versa). (Test,
+8-0-0, ARG Letter Ballot, February 2001).

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